Thursday, 7 December 2017

Call for applicants, Deputy Marshal of target archery and thrown weapons.

The Following is a missive from the Society Marshal.

Greetings to you all, and fair time of day.

My deputy for target archery and thrown weapons has begged leave to step down. As she has been in the position since 2006, I can expect no more from her (!)

At this time I am announcing that the office is open to all who would apply for it. I will accept applications for the position until January 15th, with a view to interviewing applicants and having a selection available for my quarterly report to the Board in April. Hopefully this schedule will allow for applications, due consideration of the candidates, and a decent transition of the office.

Any interested gentles should submit a cover letter, modern and SCA resume to myself ( and my target archery and thrown weapons deputy Mistress Lynette (

My ask of you is that you disseminate this information on my behalf to the archers in your kingdoms, and especially to the thrown weapons community, as they are often neglected as far as information flow is concerned.



Marshall of the Society

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