Thursday, 7 December 2017

Call for applicants, Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences.

Greetings to the citizens of Ealdormere,

As per my previous message, I am now officially advertising for my successor as Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences. Applications should be sent to and should include:

1) Reason(s) why you would like to apply for the position
2) SCA resume including previous positions held and areas of involvement, and any valid mundane experience
3) What you would like to do in the position to further the development and growth of arts and sciences in Ealdormere

The role is expected to be a two year commitment, starting at the end of the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire in 2018 and stepping down at the end of the Faire two years later, helping out on the day of at this coming A&S Faire. Due to the short timelines, the deadline for applications is February 15. If you have any questions, please forward them to

Thank you for your support during my time in office.

Yours in Service,
Merewen de Sweynesheie
Outgoing Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences

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