Thursday, 7 December 2017

Upcoming events December 2017 through November 2018

Here's what's going on in the Kingdom. If you don't see your event here, or our information is incorrect, please let us know and we'll get it sorted out. For more information click the links; they lead to Facebook event pages.

December 2017

Dec. 10   Dessert Revell in Rising Waters
Dec. 16   Northgeatham Solstice feast at Glyndmere
Dec. 17   Mondah Yule party and day of dancing and music

January 2018

Jan. 6    50th Birthday bash in Ben Dunfirth
Jan.6     Twelfth Night in Caldrithig (Event page to follow)

February 2018 

Feb. 3   Step Spritely in Vest Yorvik (Event page to follow)
Feb. 10 Royal Rapier Tournament of Renown in Bryniau Tywynnog
Feb. 24 Practicum in  Caldrithig  

March 2018

Mar. 3    Winter War XX in Trinovantia Nova
Mar. 10  Break the Back of Winter in Greyfells (Event page to follow)
Mar. 24  Kingdon A&S in Ben Dunfirth

April 2018

May 2018

May 12  Lady Mary in Rising Waters (Event page to follow)
May 18  FOOL XI 
May 26  Spring Crown Tournament in Trinovantia Nova

June 2018

 June 7-10  Murder Melee in Ben Dunfirth (Event page to follow)

July 2018

July 13-15  Skraeling Althing Baronial Muster (Event page to follow)

September 2018

Sept. 8   Feast of the Bear in Eoforwic (Even page to follow)
Sept. 15  Stone the Crows in Trinovantia Nova (Event page to follow)

November 2018

Nov. 3   Feast of the Hare in Skraeling Althing (Event page to follow)
Nov. 10 Baronial Birthday Bash in Rising Waters (Event page to follow)




  1. April 10th is the Rapier Tournament of Renown.

    Website is: