We encourage submission of any articles, bardic work and photography about the SCA that would be of interest to people living in Ealdormere.

We also welcome missives from the Royalty, as well as Kingdom and Baronial Officers.

We would also be happy to publish event flyers for events, but such flyers will only be published once. We encourage event stewards to submit their event flyers to the Gazette about three weeks in advance. Once the event is over, we (and our readers) would love to know how it went! Send us an event report letting us know about everything that happened!

If you would like to submit an item, please note the following guidelines set to respect the privacy of our friends and neighbours:

  • Only SCA names may be used in articles unless you have written approval from an individual to use their legal name.

  • Permission to publish contact information must be given in writing (if you are the author, your submittal will be accepted as permission).

  • Please ask permission of anyone whose face is recognizable in photos before submitting.

  • If you are not the photographer, please obtain permission from the photographer before submitting. If you wish for a photo in which you are featured to be removed, please email us at and we will see that it is removed promptly.

Items can be mailed to  Please do not embed photographs; send them as separate attachments. Be sure to include your name as you wish it to appear as the author of the story, as well as the names of the photographer(s).

Disclaimer: Submission is not a guarantee of publication and any content submitted may be edited for grammar, clarity, length or suitability for the Gazette audience.

Photos: The Gazette staff will try to get emailed permission from the subject of any photo before publishing it. However, in the case of a group shot this will be impossible. If there is a photo of you on the site which you wish to have removed for any reason contact us and we will take it down.

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  1. I just read the Ealdormere Gazette and I loved it! What a great idea! Thanks to everyone who are writing articles.
    :) Brigit Larkin